Swinging door / RF-shielded / for MRI MRDS ETS Lindgren

Swinging door / RF-shielded / for MRI MRDS ETS Lindgren

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ETS-Lindgren's newest MRI RF door, the MRDS, is designed to provide a reliable, economical door for your MRI facility. Similar to ETS-Lindgren's other RF doors, the MRDS is designed to be lightweight to allow for easy operation. Key Features Acoustic versions available Low Profile Threshold Key and Thumb Latch Lock Ergonomic handle design Lightweight Easily replaced seals Description The MRDS door uses the industry standard "seal contacts" to provide the RF seal around the door, which are adjustable to increase or decrease the amount of force needed to open and close the door. To facilitate access into and out of the MRI suite, a new ergonomic door handle has been added. Reducing wrist strain, the handle may be grasped in a variety of positions to most comfortably suit the MR technician. The MRDS comes with a low profile door threshold. This prevents all but the most minute disturbance of a patient gurney as it crosses into or out of the MRI suite. The door construction is designed for durability while featuring an architectural style that is suited for most hospital environments. Either a wood veneer or laminate finish can easily be applied to suit the hospital decor.
  • Type:swinging
  • Protection type:RF-shielded, for MRI