Surgical micro forceps Micromed Medizintechnik

Surgical micro forceps Micromed Medizintechnik
Micromed Medizintechnik

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Our forceps for micro surgery are available with flat and round handle, depending on the surgeon´s requirement. Our forceps with counter balance fit the surgeon´s hand especially well , as it enables the best possible handling control and simplifies turning the instrument in the hand without putting it down. » Micro forceps are available in lengths ranging from 120 mm to 230 mm. » The tips can be as shap as 0,1 mm. All types are available also with other measurements and tips. » The tips are available in several varieties: smooth, diamond-coated or made from diamond-coated titanium. Advantages Counter Balance » Easier turning of the instrument in the surgeon´s hand. » Less tiring during long operations. » The main balance rests in the hollow between forefinger and thumb.
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