Surgical laser / diode / tabletop 12 W | FOX A.R.C. Laser

Surgical laser / diode / tabletop 12 W | FOX A.R.C. Laser
12 W | FOX

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The FOX Diode laser is one of the highest-quality lasers in the world. It includes a power meter that's integrated, easy-to-use touch screen, video player, and a green laser beam. It has a low level therapy mode and operates on battery power. The superior laser has up to 12 W distal output power and features EmunDo activitation. When you connect to the power sensor, you can calibrate, measure, and confirm the power output of the laser at the distal tip. It can be calibrated over and over again at any time. The attractive green laser aiming beam provides better visibility and aids in positioning the laser perfectly to provide the best treatment. The system is also designed with mobility in mind, so it can be easily transported whenever necessary.
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