Surgical headlight / fiber optic / LED / portable SSL-8500 Sunoptics Surgical

Surgical headlight / fiber optic / LED / portable SSL-8500 Sunoptics Surgical

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Sunoptics Surgical PortablePlus LED Headlight delivers the bright white light needed for surgical procedures. The LED light provides the surgeon with a homogenous spot for true tissue color recognition. The battery powered LED headlight offers the freedom from being tethered to a lightsource by a fiberoptic cable. The RCS headband and the lightweight LED module provide stability as well as comfort. The new "RCS" is Lightweight and Comfortable 10w LED offers the BRIGHTEST Illumination available Module with variable spot size: 20mm-80mm @ 16" Light Intensity: 43,000 Lux @ 16" Lightweight battery and clip on holster provide 2hr 45min at maximum intensity More Info 10w LED Producing Bright, White Light Color temperature: 4500°K Typical LED life: >50,000 hours Newly Designed Lightweight Headband with Rear Cranial Support for added comfort Module with variable spot of 20mm-80mm @ 16" Variable Intensity Control: 0 – 43,000 Lux at 16” Headband with LED ModuleWeight – 9 oz Battery and Holster Weight – 12 oz Battery Life – 2 hrs 45 min @ Full Intensity, 5 hrs 30 min at Half Intensity Battery Charger Accepts 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz input for worldwide operation Battery Recharge Time – 3.5 hrs Warranty Three (3) Years on LED Headlight and (1) YEAR Battery
  • Light source:LED, fiber optic
  • Application:surgical
  • Configuration:portable
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