Steam generator 24 - 72 kW Astell Scientific

Steam generator 24 - 72 kW Astell Scientific
24 - 72 kW

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Stand Alone Steam Generators - 24 - 72kW Astell manufacture a range of stand-alone steam generators for use either with our autoclaves and sterilizers, or for direct steam supply in the pharmaceutical, medical, food and beverage industries. Astell steam generators are designed with peak demand in mind, making them ideal for sterilizers or other systems that require instant steam in short, high demand systems. All Astell steam generators are manufactured with stainless steel pressure vessels and stainless steel pipework, which eliminates the contamination associated with mild steel/copper systems. If you require a larger autoclave (600 litres +), please Contact us to discuss your requirements. Standard Features Electrically Heated Steam Generators TouchScreen PLC Controlled Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel & Pipework Fill Tank Over Temperature/Over Pressure cut out Float Switch Level Control (water) Easy to maintain Low power standby Optional Stainless Steel Panelwork Optional Sight Glass
19-21 Powerscroft Road,
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