Stabilometric platform Balance Vertigo

Stabilometric platform Balance Vertigo

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balance is a static stabilometric platform, able to record the pressure centre of the patient. Its software performs the signal processing in a multi- parameter mode, according to internationally accepted standards. The balance platform is recommended for the study and diagnosis of postural dysfunctions in a multidisciplinary environment: physiatric, orthopedic, neurologic, otorynolaringoiatric, dental treatment and sports medicine. Evaluation The V-CAPTURE is a very simple and intuitive software, it records the sway path in postural orthostatic position in somatosensory conditions: Eyes opened Eyes closed Eyes opened with unstable surface Eyes closed with unstable surface. The Vertigo Balance Test allows evaluation of the components respon-sible of the equilibrium: Eyesight, Vestibulum, Proprioception and esti-mates the risk of setback. Rehabilitation The software Balance Training allows setting a variety of exercises for postural visual biofeedback with increasing difficulty for a gradual and efficient rehabilitation.