SpO2 multi-parameter monitor / temperature / ECG / NIBP STAR8000B Comen

SpO2 multi-parameter monitor / temperature / ECG / NIBP STAR8000B Comen

Model 8000 is a standard patient monitor with six essential parameters (ECG/Heart Rate, NIBP, Temperature, Pulse, SpO2, Respiration) and the optional function of IBP, EtCO2 . It has more main interfaces: OxyCRG Interface, Big Font Interface, Trend Graphic Interface Features: •12.1” Large-screen Color TFT Display •Light weight and portable, user-friendly design ,easy operation mode •AC/DC power supply, uninterrupted monitoring •Built-in high-capacity battery, up to 5 hours working time •Various interface style, support multi-waveforms view •Support arrhythmia analysis, pacemaker analysis, S-T segment, analysis •3-Level intellectualized light/voice, adjustable screen brightness •Digital SpO2 technique, precise measurement for low perfusion and finger shaking •Protection against interference from defibrillation and high-frequency electrotome •Intelligent voice/light alarms accurately transmit diseases •IP Network interface, compatible with central monitoring
  • Applications: : transport
  • Configuration: : compact
  • Measured parameters: : NIBP, ECG, SpO2, temperature

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