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Due to the complex nature of the spine, surgeries may be particularly difficult and call for careful preparation for better outcomes.

The spineEOS online software provides a 3D visualization of the patient’s spine in its current state as well as a literature-based, optimal correction of their anatomy in 3D. The correction can be modified by the surgeon including simulating osteotomies, selecting and positioning cages and accurately planning the length, width and shape of the spinal rods in 3D. All key clinical parameters are displayed in real-time for easier decisions with regards to the surgical strategy.

Thanks to the full body, weight-bearing 2D/3D EOS images, spineEOS displays the anticipated spine after correction and a restoration of a deformative or degenerative spine patient’s global balance pre-operatively.



Clinical benefits

  • Immediate visualization of 3D frontal and sagittal alignment planning based on different adult and pediatric reference values, including pelvis and knee compensatory mechanisms  
  • Real-time 3D simulation of osteotomies and generic intersomatic cage positioning 
  • Optimization of the surgical strategy by analyzing the automatically calculated, post-operative 3D parameters (Cobb angles, lordosis/kyphosis, SVA) 
  • 3D visualization of the rod shape, diameter and length 


Facility-wide efficiency

  • Improved understanding of the surgical plan and patient’s anatomy for more efficiency in the OR
  • Selection and pre-bending of rods based on 3D planning
  • Online access from any computer through a compliant server
  • Customizable, patient-specific planning reports
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