SLO ophthalmoscope (ophthalmic examination) P200C Optos

SLO ophthalmoscope (ophthalmic examination) P200C Optos

Decisive The P200C is designed to meet the need for more exacting clinical imaging capabilities within practices that are managing a patient base with ocular disease – delivering both ultra-widefield and ultra-high resolution images to facilitate disease management and clinical analysis. Improved automated eye steering promotes easy multiple image acquisition from a single patient to capture far-peripheral abnormalities. Advanced The P200C provides ease of use and patient comfort by means of a flexible patient interface. Combined with a maximized patient alignment system and automatic iris detection, the P200C facilitates successful image acquisition. In addition, a smaller footprint also promotes logistical requirements. Patient education The P200C is the ideal platform to deliver education pertaining to a variety of disease states and well patients. Comprehensive The P200C generates new practice revenue and is designed for practices that are active in both wellness and advanced clinical care.
  • Type of instrument:SLO ophthalmoscope
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United Kingdom
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