Sintering furnace / dental laboratory / zirconia 1650 °C | Sintra ShenPaz Dental

Sintering furnace / dental laboratory / zirconia 1650 °C | Sintra ShenPaz Dental
1650 °C | Sintra

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The ShenPaz sintering furnace, SINTRA is a furnace fully programmable and fully adaptable to all Zirconium Oxide materials on the market today. In addition to the conventional parameters, SINTRA has two unique system fully programmable degassing to keep the muffle clean from impurity from sintering Zr colors, and a negative temperature ramp for extra slow cooling as request by specific material suppliers. Keeping in mind the importance of space in the dental laboratory, SINTRA was designed with the firing unit and power unit built in-one. The firing chamber is lined with insulating material and the chamber opening is sealed by a smooth moving mechanical lift. Two especially designed firing crucibles can be stacked one on top of the other thus permitting simultaneously the sintering of 60 to 80 units depending on the elements. Fully programmable furnaces: all the parameters even Preprogrammed can be modified and adapted and change according to the existing or future ZR Products such as different temperatures, different delays and different ramp. Some manufacturer of ZR are requiring a two steps firing cycle with two different ramp of temperature- the Sintra can be adapted to all the requirements.
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