Sharing web application / viewing / diagnostic / acquisition TIMS Collaborator TIMS Medical

Sharing web application / viewing / diagnostic / acquisition TIMS Collaborator TIMS Medical
TIMS Collaborator

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Transmit any live medical imaging modality or procedure over networks Multi-user full collaboration Multiple live video sources High resolution 1080p video Multiple clients Annotate live & stored video Save marked-up images & video as DICOM Send collaborated study to PACS Live teaching, training, & consulting The TIMS Collaborator is a patent pending, networked system for multiple healthcare providers to share and mark-up live and stored medical images and video. These physicians and consultants, who may be in different physical locations thousands of miles away, can collaborate and annotate the images and videos. This collaboration allows more than simple voice and video collaboration: interactive graphic overlays, with a different color for each participant, enable teaching and full graphic collaboration. Participants may also use interactive chat in their collaboration sessions. The annotated video or images that result from any of these collaboration sessions may be saved in DICOM format and sent to PACS so that a record of the consulting session or peer group meeting is archived for later retrieval or analysis. These collaboration sessions can take place with multiple live video sources from medical modalities and video sources such as pathology microscopes, operating room endoscopes, fluoroscopy systems, cardiac imaging devices, ultrasounds, and much more. Previous DICOM studies that are retrieved from PACS can be shared amongst multiple participants for annotation and collaboration.
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