Semi-automatic external defibrillator / public access PAD 300P hagenuk - ITM Einkaufs

Semi-automatic external defibrillator / public access PAD 300P hagenuk - ITM Einkaufs
PAD 300P

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First aider defbrillator for private and commercial use (hotels, schools, restaurants, private and public companies, gyms, sport clubs, privat and public transport as taxis, buses, trains and airplanes, doctor’s offices, medical centers, hospitals etc.) The defibrillator saves lifes and supports medical lay persons as well as medical persons to fight against sudden cardiac death till the emergency doctor arrives. More than 80 % of all sudden cardiac deaths happen at home, leisure and the working place. This may happen to all of us! More than 5 % of the population are part of the risk group for sudden cardiac death (in Germany 160.000 dead persons per year) and simply the presence of a defibrillator close to them may save their life. The only chance to survive is to take immediate reanimation action and to release an electrical shock. If both actions take place within the first 5 up to max. 10 minutes the victim has a good chance to survive. The first aider defibrillator is save and easy to use. If a person shows symptoms of a cardiac insufficiency (unconsciousness) every minute counts to start reanimation of the heart-lung-system. Simply switch on the defibrillator while the voice announcements lead through all activities to be done till defibrillation starts. The defibrillator verfies automatically if an electrical shock is needed. Only if this need is medically required the electrical shock can be activated. Technical Specifications: . Scope biphase technology . LED display . Integrated memory . Automatic self-test . Support of heart-lung-massage
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