Semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer / veterinary Reflovet® Plus Scil Animal Care

Semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer / veterinary Reflovet® Plus Scil Animal Care
Reflovet® Plus

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The scil Reflovet® Plus clinical chemistry analyzer provides accurate and reliable results in only 2-3 minutes. Results are expedited thanks to the flexibility of the sample required - whole blood, serum or plasma all work so there is no centrifugation needed. This feature makes the scil Reflovet® Plus the ideal analyzer for emergency services - appropriate therapies can be started immediately without having to wait for laboratory results. A selection of individual tests can be chosen - no rotors involved - to customize the analysis for the patients specific medical condition. The scil Reflovet® Plus is unsurpassed for monitoring chronic conditions. The scil Reflovet® Plus is ideal for: Diabetes monitoring - glucose curves Liver disease - cirrhosis, hepatitis, enzyme rechecks Renal disease - azotemia level rechecks Hyperlipidemia Addisons disease - potassium rechecks Benefits: Low cost per test Improved owner compliance on rechecks Whole blood, serum or plasma Small sample size -32 µl (ideal for pediatrics/feline) Fully automated, simple operation Results in 2-3 minutes Reliable and accurate No maintenance Over 60,000 in use in veterinary and medical clinics worldwide 2 year warranty 24/7 technical support
  • Operation:semi-automatic
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