Semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer KENZA MAX BIOLABO

Semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer KENZA MAX BIOLABO

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The Kenza MAX BioChemisTry Analyser is used for biochemistry procedures and has a nine-position incubator and an automatic flow cell. This is used for a flow-cell storage hole that is made with a setup that is easy to manage and works with strong cuvettes. This open system works with 120 methodologies that also entails a strong interface that is easy to manage. This also store calibration controls and reagent-blank values while handling 30 QC values. A calculation of means is also used while standard deviations may be managed well. It can print Levey-Jennings diagrams as well. The printer makes it easy to get these out and can manage various formats. The instrument can also print out different plots as well as calibration plots for getting more standards managed. This also uses a printing report with ID details and can even list data based on a patient's name if a PC keyboard is added to the system.
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