Securement system thoracic Heli-FX Thoracic Aptus Endosystems

Securement system thoracic Heli-FX Thoracic Aptus Endosystems
Heli-FX Thoracic

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Aptus Heli-FX Thoracic EndoAnchor System provides Surgical Anastomosis Strength along with Endovascular Elegance, customized endograft fixation and sealing to patient anatomy. It is safe, accurate and has quick deployment of EndoAnchors through instinctive delivery system. Compatible with well-known TAA endografts in primary and revision procedures. Dimension is 3.0mm diameter x 4.5mm length. MP35N-LT wire has 0.5mm diameter. Conical tip is atraumatic like SH1 needle. Crossbar feature puts off over-penetration. Product has Heli-FX Guide with three diverted tip reach lengths address with fluctuating neck diameters. For 3D orientation, there are unique radiopaque tip markers. Its 0.035" guidewire compatible with 90cm working length and having 18Fr OD.
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