Screening audiometer (audiometry) / audiometer / digital 2500 Ambco Audiometers

Screening audiometer (audiometry) / audiometer / digital 2500 Ambco Audiometers

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The 2500 Automatic Microprocessor Controlled Audiometer is suited for occupational and industrial health environments that need to meet O.S.H.A. requirements for ear testing. There are three types of tests it offers: manual, semiautomatic, and automatic. The tests are stored and printed automatically. There is enough internal storage memory for up to 260 tests. The information displayed in large characters on the LCD display. The printout reports are also large, and consist of information such as the test date, calibration date, and calibration due date. Additional features include a fast printing process, social security number input for ID, audible and visual alarms, and compatibility with computers.
  • Type:audiometer, screening audiometer
  • Technology:digital
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