Scoop stretcher Maxima 630 ME.BER

Scoop stretcher Maxima 630 ME.BER
Maxima 630

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When it comes to first aid, the scoop stretcher plays an important role because due to it's features it can be put underneath a patient without having to move them. During transport, perfect immobilization of the patient is due to the shape of the stretcher. In order to meet life, reliability, and load requirements the assembling and building materials have been thoroughly studied. The stretcher offers effective unhooking and hooking for uncoupling. It has an automatic locking device and adjustable length. After it is folded up it can be easily stored in the ambulance. Made from an aluminium that is very sturdy and light.
  • Stretcher type:scoop
Via Langhirano, 270,
Fontanini (PR)
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