Sanitation cleaning system Powertec30 Santoemma srl

Sanitation cleaning system Powertec30 Santoemma srl

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Designed to sanitize and clean both small and middle sized restrooms, the Powertec 30 comes the cleaning process in three modes. First the chemical solution is evenly sprayed over the affected ares, the the chemical action is carried out and rinsed with water and lastly the residual water is vacuumed from the floor. The Powertec30 system is light weight and compact, making it easy to store in limited spaces. Additionally, the system does not require any prior training of the staff and cleans effectively and in a short time. The Powertec30 system is an ideal choice to sanitize a plethora of places to include cruise ships, airports, stadiums, cinemas, arenas, potable restrooms, fitness centers, public showers, barracks, schools, hospitals. universities, nursing homes, exhibition halls, factories, offices, shopping centers, diners, pubs and any other public places. Other advantages of the Powertec30 cleaning system include reduced power and water consumption, safety for the user and reduces labor owing to the chemical action of the solution.
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