Rugged medical tablet PC DLI 7200 DLI

Rugged medical tablet PC DLI 7200 DLI
DLI 7200

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The DLI 7200 rugged PDA was designed from the inside out to support a full Windows® 7 operating system that would sideline ordinary PDAs. Built on standard PC architecture the DLI 7200 rugged PDA enables you to deploy the same POS applications that reside on the fixed station terminals, bridging the gap between you and the customer. Management and maintenance of PCI compliant applications and OS images are a challenge for any company. The DLI 7200 rugged PDA addresses this challenge by allowing you to maintain a singular PCI compliant operating system & application across the entire enterprise. Using the same familiar device management tools that were once exclusive for the desktop are now available for the DLI 7200 rugged PDA, empowering your IT staff the immediate access to support and diagnose. DLI has revolutionized the mobile industry by blurring the industrial-consumer divide in its creation of this rugged PDA that not only survives the demands of a harsh industrial environment but pleases the eyes of the discerning user with its sleek design. Independently tested & certified for multiple 4’ drops to concrete and an IP54 rating for dust and water; the 7200M Healthcare PDA also boasts an anti-microbial outer shell and screen protector. The DLI 7200 rugged PDA can be used in a variety of settings: Healthcare Scheduling, billing, and claims processing Practice management Point of care Electronic medical records (EMR) Electronic medication administration record (eMAR)
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