Rugged medical panel PC 15.6 - 21.5" | OmniClient Kontron

Rugged medical panel PC 15.6 - 21.5" | OmniClient Kontron
15.6 - 21.5" | OmniClient

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OmniClient The new Kontron OmniClient series is ideal for running real-time control and visualization simultaneously whereas previously these applications had to be run on two or more dedicated systems. The OmniClient series provides new industrial design features, a wide-screen format with a touch sensitive, durable, seamless glass front that supports multi touch operations for optimal usability. OmniClient is ideal for use wherever machine and plant operators require convenient Panel PC systems to monitor and manage all their production processes. The integrated 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i5/i7 processor technology provides the highest performance to enable critical and highly complex, real-time applications to run on one computer. With a variety of interface options it is easy to adapt the OmniClient to customer-specific requirements. These options includes new features like WiFi and Bluetooth, which were previously not available on older systems. Additionally, OmniClient is shock and vibration resistant, thermally stable, IP65 front panel and EMC compliant.
  • Characteristics:rugged
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