RUBEE™️ for AI

RUBEE™️ for AI
Augmented Intelligence for radiology workflows

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in medical imaging and new imaging techniques provide radiologists and other diagnosticians with better access to deeper anatomical and clinical details.


At the same time, these innovations highlight the need for integrated imaging and data informatics interaction to support fast action on clinically relevant findings that require urgent attention.


AI in medical imaging, powered by RUBEE

Agfa HealthCare’s RUBEE for AI

RUBEE’s highly customizable toolkit puts the real benefits of Augmented Intelligence into your radiologists’ hands.


With advanced visualizations, workflow optimization and automation, RUBEE lets your clinicians focus on cases where their expertise creates true value. And it enables you to make the most of your AI for medical imaging investments.


Advanced visualizations.

Disease-oriented specialty packages

Using our long-term expertise in imaging IT, we have created complete Augmented Intelligence for radiology packages for specific clinical use cases.


The carefully selected, specialty-focused algorithms are seamlessly integrated in your Enterprise Imaging platform. Powered by RUBEE for AI in medical imaging, they can fully address your clinical, academic and research needs.

Workflow orchestration

RUBEE and Enterprise Imaging harness the power of Augmented Intelligence for radiology to streamline and accelerate your workflows, enterprise-wide.


And the AI for medical imaging packages and clinical applications support you to maximize the value of your imaging activities.

Automated triage

Using the metadata generated by your AI apps, RUBEE for AI in medical imaging finds ways to speed up repetitive tasks.


It prioritizes worklists, follows escalation rules and automates task assignments and case distribution, intelligently.

Smart hanging protocols

RUBEE for AI in medical imaging compares display protocols, and then uses them to automate current and prior image display, by comparing display protocols.

Reports and notifications of critical findings

Your critical findings are no use if they stay in your PACS database. RUBEE automatically extracts Artificial Intelligence results and adds them to your report templates, with sectional reporting, automating reporting and subsequent notifications.


Disease oriented specialty imaging packages.


Enjoy the benefits of the specialty Artificial Intelligence packages powered by RUBEE


*Product may not be available in all regions, contact your Agfa HealthCare representative for details

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