Rotary microtome / automatic ARM 3600 Histo Line Laboratories

Rotary microtome / automatic ARM 3600 Histo Line Laboratories
ARM 3600

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Histo Line ARM 3600 is Fully Automatic Motorized rotary microtome, designed for routine and research in histology and research laboratories. The section thickness is selectable between 0.5 and 100 µm. Trimming, slice’s thickness can be easily set through the control panel. The cutting and trimming function can be finished by the control system. The hand wheel can be locked at any position, so as to ensure the safety of the operation. The large waste tray can be easily removed for cleaning. Two kinds of the specimen clamp can be changed conveniently. Two model for section: Manual and automatic, the user can switch arbitrarily. Four speed of section: 25 circle/minute, 35 circle/minute, 45 circle/minute, 55 circle/minute. Switch arbitrarily between section and trimming.

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