Rotary microtome / automated Rotmic-1 Orion Medic

Rotary microtome / automated Rotmic-1 Orion Medic

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Microtome Rotmic-1 is a safe medical instrument and is used for preparation of cuts of fixed and unfixed biological tissues, as well as for non-biological specimens for follow-up studies for the purpose of intrauterine diagnosis. Rotary microtomeRotmic-1 provides will cut sections in a range from 1 to 60 µm. It can process specimen, placed in paraffin or other media, prepared in standard cartridges, blocks or on wooden bases. Once can obtain the assigned thickness in microtome thanks to its micrometer displacement in horizontal direction (motorized displacement) and manual vertical specimen displacement. Microtome uses the following scheme while working: mobile object - mobile knife. Microtome consists of following units: • supporting frame with object auto lift mechanism; • toolhead with knife holder or blade carrier;
  • Operation:automated
  • Type:rotary
3235 Sector 21-D,
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