Rotary endodontic file / nickel titanium R-ENDO® Micro-Mega

Rotary endodontic file / nickel titanium R-ENDO® Micro-Mega

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The endodontic re-treatment comprises two steps: coronal conditioning precedes re-preparation of the canal. The latter can be achieved with a specific sequence using NiTi rotary instruments called R-Endo®; this is the first total concept dedicated to endodontic re-treatment. In the same way as for HERO 642® and HERO Shaper®, the R-Endo® sequence has been developed by the R&D Laboratory of MICRO-MEGA®. It is adapted to the materials generally encountered during endodontic re-treatment such as gutta percha and filling pastes. Efficiency, flexibility, parietal cleaning of the canal, respect of the canal anatomy, safety and short procedural time are the major advantages. R-Endo® files allow apical irrigation to aid the disinfection of the apical zone and ideal preparation of the canal for three-dimensional filling.
  • Operation:rotary
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