Rotary chair for vestibular testing Framiral

Rotary chair for vestibular testing Framiral

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This Rotational Vistibular Chair, from FRAMIRAL, is robust, elegant, ergonomic, and functional; this Framiral rotational vestibular chair is indispensable for the results and the rehabilitation of dizziness and balance problems. This chair allows you to work efficiently on the visual and vestibular component and thus cure some dizzy crises. Its technical qualities provide some rotations either highly fast or pretty slow but always highly comfortable for the patient. There is a manual break situated under the chair which allows the patient to go up safely ; as the rotation is locked. You need only one movement to release it. It is very easy to use for the practician, thanks to a lot of simple and precise adjustments. Highly reliable, it gives a faithful image of an excellent quality. It is indispensable for the rehabilitation done with the chair.