Robotic remote ultrasound system MELODY Adechotech

Robotic remote ultrasound system MELODY Adechotech

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The MELODY system MELODY is a modular robotised tele-echography system. It is currently AdEchoTechs lead product. This solution was devised by drawing on the skills (in medical expertise, electronic and robotic expertise, business expertise, and so on) required to create an ergonomic tool to help both patients and the medical profession. There are various versions of MELODY adapted to each situation so as to optimise use and efficiency. AdEchoTech sells a complete robotised tele-echography solution, comprising: The MELODY Patient site system The MELODY Expert site system The videoconference system The ultrasound imaging station fully adapted to the echography (comprising remote adjustment). The MELODY solution can of course be sold separately of the videoconference system and the ultrasound imaging station depending upon the needs of the client and the equipment they already have.
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