Resuscitation ventilator / with cough stimulators Pulsar Siare

Resuscitation ventilator / with cough stimulators Pulsar Siare

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SIARE Pulsar is a lung ventilator and cough stimulator that is used by medical personnel to simulate the act of coughing with the aim of helping the patient expectorate the bronchial secretions in its invasive and non-invasive mode when the patient cough out by him or herself. This situation occurs in patients suffering from neuromuscular diseases or from spinal cord injuries. The Pulsar simulates positive and negative pressures on the patient's breathing airways which makes the patient cough eventually. Pulsar comes in different operative modes such as: Automatic mode Automatic with vibration Manual Manual with vibrations Pulsar features include: The device reinforces ineffective cough Reduces the possibility of respiratory infections It is suitable for adults and pediatric patients It comes with a 5.7in display screen and a remote control It can be used with extra accessories such as a face mask or mouth nozzle
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