Resuscitation ventilator / non-invasive / infant SLE1000 SLE

Resuscitation ventilator / non-invasive / infant SLE1000 SLE

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The SLE1000 is a revolutionary new CPAP machine: a servo-controlled CPAP unit with intelligent alarms and modern electronics. The new SLE1000 incorporates a complete rethink of the way CPAP is delivered. Using modern technology, it allows the user to set the desired pressure, and make the driver do all the hard work of adjusting the flow. The new SLE1000 is designed to be easier to set up and to use. The servo-controlled flow ensures a more consistent pressure even when the baby is moving a lot. Using computer-controlled feedback means that the Work of Breathing (WoB) is kept to a minimum and can cope with varying leaks. Staff are finding that once theyve set the CPAP level, the machine can accurately track it, leaving them to get on with caring for the baby and not spending all of their time adjusting the equipment. The illustration below shows the difference between the SLE1000 (with servo-controlled CPAP) and a conventional fixed flow CPAP.
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