Resuscitation ventilator CARAT II HOFFRICHTER

Resuscitation ventilator CARAT II HOFFRICHTER

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CARAT II is intended for continuous or intermittent ventilation of patients. The device is suitable for ventilation of adults as well as of children with a tidal volume of 50 ml and higher. CARAT II has been designed specifically for use in home care but is also applicable for use in hospitals. Ventilation is either pressure-controlled or volumecontrolled and is ensured by setting one of the ventilation modes listed below: - PCV – Pressure Controlled Ventilation or Pressure Controlled Assisted Ventilation - PSV – Pressure Supported Ventilation - SIMV – Synchronous Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation - VCV – Volume Controlled Ventilation or Volume Controlled Assisted Ventilation Both invasive ventilation (e.g. via tracheostoma) and non-invasive ventilation (via a ventilation mask) are possible. CARAT II provides the technical features required for operation with a single line patient circuit or a double line patient circuit, as necessary. The system can be connected to a low-pressure gas source for ventilation with an increased oxygen concentration. In addition, it is also possible to combine CARAT II with a humidifier. CARAT II is a medical device and may only be used if prescribed by a physician and under a physician’s responsibility.
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