Respiratory polygraph BWII PSG NeuroVirtual / SleepVirtual

Respiratory polygraph BWII PSG NeuroVirtual / SleepVirtual

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The Type I BWII weighs eight pounds and is slim enough to fit into a briefcase. It is easy to move around but it can also be used as a stationary unit if desired. This can link to any kind of computer and will read sleep statistics with ease. It will review the apnea and hypopnea instances in a review and will check on the sleeping and waking times for a person as well as the sleep efficiency rating for the person to be reviewed with. This also uses a report generator that can work on many computers and can read many MS Word templates. This can create reports with ease and is safe to use. This is also made with Sleepvirtual Pre-Templates and uses 900 different parameters for many readouts, thus making the review process as easy to handle as it could be.
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