Respiratory monitor for manual resuscitators WILAlife WILAmed

Respiratory monitor for manual resuscitators WILAlife WILAmed

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WILAlife is a primary care system working under consistent pressure that promotes spontaneous breathing of prematurely born infants and neonates by manually modulating the impulse. WILAlife quickly builds up the functional residual capacity (FRC) of the baby‘s lung. This primary care system is ready for use at any time and compatible with all supply sources, from portable gas cylinders or fixed central care units in combination with common blenders. WILAlife is used for clinical emergency reanimation of prematurely born babies and neonates and should be a must in any labor ward and ICU. Primary care system WILAlife is particularly indispensable for the clinical transport of patients. WILAlife is a pneumatic and completely independent device which requires neither electricity not batteries. Two anchoring clips on the side make operation possible in any position. After attaching the enclosed silicon mounts, primary care device WILAlife can be securely placed on any firm, even surface. During the entire period of treatment primary care system WILAlife supplies a constant inspiratory pressure (PIP = Positive Inspiratory Pressure).
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