Respiratory frequency patient monitor / wireless AirSonea iSonea

Respiratory frequency patient monitor / wireless AirSonea iSonea

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iSonea's Acoustic Respiratory Monitoring System (ARM) technology enables both adults and children to effectively monitor the percentage of their breathing time they spend wheezing, one of the primary symptoms of asthma. Knowing the WheezeRATE can give an asthma patient a better understanding of what those things are that trigger asthmatic attacks. Understanding this information can be of help in determining how best to improve the management of asthma. ARM monitors such things as pollen, pets, emotions, or certain activities that trigger attacks, and therefore provides a means of avoiding those triggers to some extent. ARM will also tell the asthma patient the extent to which their WheezeRATE is increasing or decreasing, or if it is not changing at all. In addition to providing a means to better manage the asthmatic condition, the information provided can at times be applied towards lowering the risk of asthmatic attacks.
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