Resin dental prosthesis SR Ortholingual DCL Ivoclar Vivadent

Resin dental prosthesis SR Ortholingual DCL Ivoclar Vivadent
SR Ortholingual DCL

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Operating on functional setup framework, the SR Ortholingual DCL comprises of a set of teeth, the usage of which is consistent with the lingualized setup theory. This is in accordance with the creation of implant supported dentures. Keeping in mind the highly demanding cases in the laboratory or in practice, the system has been endowed with a three-layer design which gives it a lifelike appearance, adding to its convenience. The lingualized occlusal scheme has occlusal surfaces that are specifically designed for it. This set of teeth is made of a material which is double cross-linked. This system has been proved to be biocompatible by means of toxicological examinations. Apart from its compatibility, the device features resistance to high-grinding, plaque and wear. Permanence of shade, coupled with excellent polishability constitutes other important characteristics of the product. The base materials are dentured by strong bonds. The device is compatible with the 3-D and 2-D templates, to maintain the grinding at the minimal level at the time of setup. It has prominent palatal maxillary cusps, besides featuring a quick and simplified setup.
  • Material:resin
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