Recessed grooming bathtub 105-1330-00, 105-1430-00 VSSI

Recessed grooming bathtub 105-1330-00, 105-1430-00 VSSI
105-1330-00, 105-1430-00

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Designed to be placed into your existing cabinet or a custom cabinet - these are the same high-quality tubs that are built into VSSI Wet/Prep Cabinets Solid 18 gauge stainless steel construction Recessed PVC coated racks and strainer basket included Available in two sizes - choose from 48" or 60" length Deep tub is ideal for bathing and washing Tub measures overall 48" or 60" long x 24" wide Convenient optional accessories - including Stainless Steel Exam Top Insert, Stainless Steel Extension, and Stainless Steel Recessed Racks Faucet sold separately
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