Real-time thermal cycler AMPLIX NG® ALL.DIAG

Real-time thermal cycler AMPLIX NG® ALL.DIAG

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The AmpliX® Amplification genetic Real Time enables the performance of Real-Time PCR with rapid cycling of up to 48 samples. Peltier technology is used by the system for the PCR process, and the fluorescence signal is detected through a high-sensitivity system making the process of detection more accurate, stable and highly repeatable. - Open system (possibility to adapt other kits) - 48 position - Possibility to perform different tests simultaneously >>>(One protocol for all kits) - Detection of a large panel of fluorophores - 4 filters for the realization of multiplex tests - Amplification in two hours - Connexion to a computer - Easy archiving of PCR results - Dimensions : 21 x 48 x 31 cms.
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