Radiosurgery test phantom Standard Imaging

Radiosurgery test phantom Standard Imaging
Standard Imaging

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Customizable Configurations Standard configuration of the Stereotactic Dose Verification Phantom includes the Film Dosimetry and Ion Chamber Measurement slabs. Film Dosimetry Measurements Five water equivalent Blue Water slabs allow film to be positioned 2 mm apart for dose profile measurements of very small SRS targets. A cavity in each slab positions a 2.5 x 2.5 inch film in the exact center. Ion Chamber Measurements The 2 cm Blue Water ion chamber slab has an SDVP Plug with a cavity drilled to accommodate inter-changeable ion chamber plugs, and positions the detector in the exact center of the phantom to facilitate repositioning and fast, accurate measurements. SRS Dosimetric QA Slab For rigorous testing and evaluation of imaging, treatment planning, and dose conformity. The optional SRS Dosimetric QA Slab provides complex geometric targets to evaluate the imaging components of your treatment planning system. Five CT densities are available for a QA check of the CT density model.
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