Radiometer LED LEDEX™ CM4000 Dentmate Technology Co., Ltd.

Radiometer LED LEDEX™ CM4000 Dentmate Technology Co., Ltd.

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Latest optical measurement technology display Intensity & Diameter. Wide range measurement up to 4000 mW/cm². Smart UV sensor easy to use for UV detected. Properties of the LEDEXTM CM4000: The radiometer uses the latest optical measurement technology. The LED and halogen light output measurements are only used for the dental curing light. It can be displayed to 4000 mW/cm2 intensity of blue light in the wavelength range of 390-500 nm, and it also can be displayed the diameter of optical fiber light guide in the range of 3-12 mm. The smart UV sensor can easily detect UV wavelength from the light source. The automatic sleep and wake up design are easy to use and save your battery power. Under the normally use, this product can be standby for up to one year with the new battery, and a low battery power warning is provided.
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