Pupillograph (ophthalmic examination) pMetrics™ iVIS Technologies

Pupillograph (ophthalmic examination) pMetrics™ iVIS Technologies

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Pupil dynamics must be known in planning corneal surgery. Now you can! pMetrics™ records 6 lighting environments from scotopic to photopic to accurately pinpoint pupil dynamics pMetrics™ matches recorded data with a lifestyle weighting of the patient to determine the Ideal Pupil™ which encompasses 95% of all pupil conditions experienced by the patient during waking hours pMetrics™ Dynamic Pupillometer defines the optical zone of the ablation based upon the Ideal Pupil™ computation taking into account the anterior chamber depth thus minimising treatment invasiveness pMetrics™ defines the ideal central area within the cornea to be dedicated to near-vision in presbyopia treatments pMetrics™ is also a precious tool to define the ideal zones for multifocal IOLs selection
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