Pulse oximeter with separate sensor / table-top 0 - 100% SpO2 | MD-700 Comdek Industrial

Pulse oximeter with separate sensor / table-top 0 - 100% SpO2 | MD-700 Comdek Industrial
0 - 100% SpO2 | MD-700

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MD-700 Desktop Pulse Oximeter Desktop Pulse Oximeter MD-700 uses infrared technology instead of the traditional way of extracting blood and measuring oxygen saturation. The COMDEK Desktop Pulse Oximeter MD-700 offers continuous and instantaneous monitoring, and provides users high level accuracy and real time response. As long as the instrument detects a single beat of pulse, it makes sound through the speaker. The speaker also provides users different tones according to different oxygen saturation. Each amount of pulse and oxygen saturation level is controllable through setting the preserved limit value. Additionally, even if the power is shut down on display, the preserved time and memory setting will still continue to operate using the power from batteries. The instrument will keep operating by power from built-in rechargeable batteries for around 6 hours. Furthermore, there are several sizes of optional sensors for users needs. The instrument can be compatible from neonate to adult. SPECIFICATIONS Measuring Range Saturation range: 0%-100% Pulse rate range: 30 bpm-250 bpm Display: Oxygen saturation, pulse rate with LED display Sound: Tone function and volume by digital adjustment Memory: 72 hours / 8 sec. recording rate Accuracy: SpO2 accuracy: ±2% between 80%- 100% Pulse accuracy: ±1% of full scale Operating Temperature: 0°C-55°C Power Requirement: Main supply: AC 100V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz Battery: 4 AA battery Battery Operating Time: Approx. 4 hrs Weight: 450 g Dimension (mm): 148 (W) x 190 (L) x 67 (H)
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