Pulp vitality tester PulpEST JSC Geosoft Dent

Pulp vitality tester PulpEST JSC Geosoft Dent

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PulpEst is reliable assistant for the assessment of pulp health based on its qualitative sensory response. It is commonly done: — prior to restorative, endodontic, and orthodontic procedures, — as a follow-up and for monitoring the pulp after trauma to the teeth, — in differential diagnoses, such as excluding periapical pathosis of pulp origin. PulpEst is a hand-held, battery-powered dental diagnostic device intended to be used as a diagnostic instrument to assist in the determination of the vitality of the dental pulp by stimulating it with a weak electric current. Under pathological processes in tooth and periodontal tissues the excitability of pulp nervous receptors is reduced, and, as the consequent, the sensitivity of receptors is value of an irritant electric current changes. Main specifications: — Power source: Li-?? accumulator; — The range of ?diagnostic? currents — from 0 to 80 mcA

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