Pulmonary testing software / medical PMG 3000 IngMar Medical

Pulmonary testing software / medical PMG 3000 IngMar Medical
PMG 3000

Description Special option for the QuickLung Breather Displays loops, waveforms and a host of other data on your personal computer for a complete picture of the interaction between the ventilator and the lung model. Inteded Use Training in the analysis of pulmonary mechanics graphics. Features * System software derived from patient monitoring helps teach proficiency in the terms, parameters and graphic formats used in pulmonary mechanics monitoring. * Renders accurate data in realistic simulations including leaks and spontaneous breathing. * Fine-tune educational materials in the Windows™ environment with Analysis Plus™ software. * Calculates twenty data parameters. * Battery powered for complete portability. * Project images from your pc to a larger screen for more effective classroom instruction.
  • Application domain: : medical
  • Function: : pulmonary testing
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