PTCA catheter / balloon RAFALE HEXACATH

PTCA catheter / balloon RAFALE HEXACATH

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PUSHABILITY Uncompromised pushability 1.7F stainless steel proximal hypotube delivers uncompromised pushability with minimised frictions enabling to reach the lesions even faster. TRACKABILITY / CROSSABILITY Track more easily 0.016" soft Flex Tip helps the dilatation balloon to track more easily into complex and tortuous anatomies and eventually facilitates the entry across the target area. VISIBILITY Accurate positioning Two platinum radio-opaque markers make the balloon extremely visible under fluoroscopy, thus enabling accurate positioning of the RAFALE during its therapeutic mission. Technical specifications Usable length: 140cm Proximal shaft diameter: - 1.7F (0.58mm) Distal shaft diameter: - 2.3F (0.78mm) for 1.5, 2.0mm - 2.6F (0.86mm) for 2.5, 3.5mm - 2.8F (0.95mm) for 4.0mm Minimum guiding catheter diameter: 5F (0.058") Maximum guidewire diameter: 0.014" (0.356mm) Radio-opaques markers: 2 of 0.75mm
  • Characteristics:balloon
  • Application:PTCA