PTA catheter / balloon oceanus 35 iVascular

PTA catheter / balloon oceanus 35 iVascular
oceanus 35

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The Oceanus 35 balloon catheter has an Over The Wire (OTW) design so it dilates lesions found in the iliac, renal, popliteal, femoral, or infrapopliteal arteries. This catheter features a high deflation speed and exceptional trackability and pushability due to its high-quality double lumen tube. It easily accesses the introducer and can be easily withdrawn because of its balloon folding and re-folding, and is constructed to cross even the most complicated lesions with its atraumatic conic tip and smooth transition. One-handed removal of the catheter is also possible with the catheter's ergonomic design and Y-shaped hub.
  • Characteristics:balloon
  • Application:PTA