PTA catheter / balloon Chocolate® TriReme Medical

PTA catheter / balloon Chocolate® TriReme Medical

Modulated force, Uniform dilatation Chocolate® represents a breakthrough in PTA design. Its uniform, pillow based dilatation is designed for a less traumatic treatment of peripheral vascular disease. Less trauma = Better acute results Key Features Unique Design and Mechanism of Action: Nitinol Constraining Structure (CS) mounted on a semi-compliant balloon to create pillows and increase contact surface. Gentle dilatation mechanism: At nominal pressures, the balloon expands beyond the diameter of the CS, thus creating small segments (defined by “pillows” and “valleys”) Valleys between each segment designed to allow for plaque modification/stress relief Uniform expansion – No “dog-boning” which can lead to vessel trauma outside the lesion Low secondary profile – Facilitates lesion re-crossing after multiple inflations Rapid deflation time
  • Characteristics: : balloon
  • Application: : PTA

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