PTA catheter / balloon Chocolate® QT Vascular

PTA catheter / balloon Chocolate® QT Vascular

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Modulated dilatation Designed to deliver optimal results without a permanent implant Chocolate® represents a breakthrough in PTA design. Its unique nitinol constraining structure is designed to provide atraumatic dilatation in the treatment of blocked arteries. Less trauma = Better acute results. Key Features Design: Unique nitinol "constraining structure" (CS) mounted on a semi compliant balloon Reduces the strain and trauma induced on the vessel walls during inflation through the use of "pillows" Uniformly distributes circumferential forces (calcific or eccentric lesions) Modifies plaque via: "Pillows": Vessel dilatation without cutting or scoring "Valleys": Stress relief, plaque modification Reduces dissections and may disrupt superficial calcium Fast deflation, concentric, low secondary profile – facilitates lesion re-crossing after multiple inflation