PTA catheter / balloon 4 F, 5 F | Pirouette 018 ArraVasc

PTA catheter / balloon 4 F, 5 F | Pirouette 018 ArraVasc
4 F, 5 F | Pirouette 018

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Pirouette PTA 018 catheter The ArraVasc Pirouette 018 ranges from 2.0 mm to 9.0 mm – the right mix of diameters and lengths for intricate above- and below-the-knee work. * Low profile Lowest balloon 2x wall thickness provides the platform for excellent trackability, pushability, insertion and withdrawal characteristics of the Pirouette 018. The thin wall Pirouette allows for more diameters in 4F than any other device available. This feature contributes to a low catheter insertion force. * Trackability Hydrophilic coating provides excellent trackability when treating long, diffuse lesions in challenging anatomies. The trackability test measures tracking force – the peak force required to track through an anatomical model. * Pushability Compared to competitor on-the-wire balloons, Pirouette 018 combination polymers and shaft design promote improved axial strength for crossing tight lesions. The pushability test measures push efficiency – the percentage of longitudinal fource transferred from the hub to the tip of the catheter in an anatomical model. * Withdrawal The Pirouette 018 zero profile proximal bond and the thinnest balloon cones on the market give the smoothest of catheter withdrawal. The withdrawal test measures the peak force necessary to withdraw a catheter through its indicated introducer after inflate/deflate.

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