Prosthesis fabrication software / CAM / medical / dental CORiTEC iCAM V4.6 imes-icore GmbH

Prosthesis fabrication software / CAM / medical / dental CORiTEC iCAM V4.6 imes-icore GmbH

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CORiTEC iCAM V4.6 is a highly reputable 5-axes Profi-CAM-System which matured out of many years of development. Its easy, fast and safe handling makes iCAM V4.6 unique. It is the perfect user software for the automated fabrication of high end dental restorations. It calculates the milling data in a very short time referring to optimized and safe milling strategies developed in 8 years of constant improvements for all kind of dental constructions and materials. Menu guided user interface and easy to operate surfaces as well as many fully automated functions are resulting in a reliable and simple operation. iCAM V4.6 guides the beginner and expert automatically and safely through the entire milling program. In the background of the dental frontend a German, full industrial CAD/CAM-System with over 25 years of experience is working. The open CAD/CAM-Software is used for professional constructions and manufacturing by over 4000 users in the industrial and medical field which can be fully used by the operator. Take your chance and free yourself from your current license fees and your actually closed CAM-System! Update your existing isyCAM 3.2 or iCAM V3 cost-efficient and enhance your productivity with the following possibilities: complete open CAM-System without a commitment to a material distributer no annual fees at an unlimited run-time ("dongle-free") very easy operation with a short start-up period suitable for 3-, 4- und 5-axes machines grinding of glass ceramics and lithium disilicate blocks. With an upgrade also available for existing machines (4820, 3020, 450i etc.)
  • Application domain:medical
  • Function:prosthesis fabrication, CAM
  • Medical establishment:dental