Proctoscope endoscope / rigid HEINE F.O. Heine

Proctoscope endoscope / rigid HEINE F.O. Heine

With projector and fiber optic cable, product provides illumination. Illumination adaptor with 3.5 V BETA handle and lamp handle. Glowing illumination without reflex is provided by distal annular Fiber Optic. Magnifying lens of 1,8x magnification which provides high-definition images. Insufflation port is provided with window for hinged viewing and provides enhanced vision. Access and vision is improved by angled tube-end. Made with stainless steel provides durability. It is easy cleaning by traditional solution and contains unscrewable End-piece.
  • Type of endoscope: : proctoscope
  • Shaft: : rigid
Arzbacher Str. 80,
56130 Bad Ems
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