Pressure therapy unit, (physiotherapy) with leg garment PRESSOFAST Dermeo

Pressure therapy unit, (physiotherapy) with leg garment PRESSOFAST Dermeo

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PRESSOFAST is a pneumatic lymphatic drainage device with a pressure automatic modulation, fully configurable. This is the easiest device to use thanks to its eases of its regulation (treatment time per room, treatment time, pressure ...). PNEUMATIC LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE: PRESSOFAST TECHNOLOGY The benefactions of the lymphatic drainage are not to be demonstrated any more. PRESSOFAST lavishs soft mechanical palpitations. For example the boots, this one are divided in compartments. The first compartment, the one who surrounds the foot, is inflated by a pressure induced by PRESSOFAST. Once the pressure is established in the second compartment, the pressure exercised in the initial compartment increases gradually. The difference of pressure so created causes the migration of the lymph in the high-pressure compartment to the low- pressure compartment. In a similar way, the following compartments are put under pressure. During the treatment, the modification of the pressure depends on the volume of the treated member. Consequently, PRESSOFAST insures efficiency throughout the treatment, do not damage the superficial vessels thanks to its technique of soft palpations, and is the ideal support for the reshaping.
  • Type:pressure therapy unit, with leg garment
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