Pressure therapy unit (physiotherapy) vasoflow® 1 Bösl Medizintechnik

Pressure therapy unit (physiotherapy) vasoflow® 1 Bösl Medizintechnik
vasoflow® 1

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Intermittent Pneumatic Compression has been firmly integrated into up-to-date therapy of venous diseases, in clinical, ambulant and domestic fields. Its effectiveness is demonstrated and documented in numerous studies. The 1-chamber-system vasoflow® MINI has its focal point in the treatment of minor venous oedema and thromboembolic prophylaxis. The therapy simulates the function of the muscle-vein pump and produces a clear increase in the fluid transport in the limbs, accompanied by improved microcirculation. Metabolism and gaz exchange are optimized, fibrinolysis activated and waste removal stepped up. This treatment method is completely without side effects and has been valued by doctors and patients alike for years, not least of all thanks to its unique effectiveness.
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